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Unicast Quality Control Procedure

  • Foundry reports (sample test, heat curve, alloy certification)
  • Materials characterization (foundry chemical reports, Alloys & Metals Handheld XRF Analyzer, SEM, X-EDS, XRD microscopic and chemical analyses)
  • Mechanical testing (Brinnel / Rockwell hardness testers, Instron and MTS tensile, compressive,  and fatigue testing)
  • Non Destructive Testing (visual inspection, ultrasound testing, magnetic particle testing, dye penetrant testing, X-ray radiography)
  • Destructive testing (machine shops including band saw machine, water jet, CNC…)
  • Dimensional inspection

Unicast has established a relationship with UBC to benefit from some of the best equipment in the Okanagan valley.


Unicast is working with Dr. Lukas Bichler of the School of Engineering at the University of British Columbia (http://engineering.ok.ubc.ca/faculty/lbichler.html) on developing new materials with enhanced mechanical properties and high temperature wear resistance. In collaboration with UBC, high-level instruments and scientific tools are available to support Unicast’s goal of delivering premium quality products to our clients.





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