About Unicast

For 30 years, Unicast’s mission has remained the same: To respond to industrial wear part challenges and deliver innovative wear parts with outstanding wear life.

Extreme temperatures, high-impact work and tough materials wreak havoc on wear parts, and the frequent replacement and maintenance of these parts wastes huge amounts of time and money. Unicast helps cut down on costs and makes maintenance staff’s job easy by providing wear parts that can withstand even the most abrasive conditions and materials.

Unicast wear parts last longer than other products on the market are easy to install and maintain, minimizing downtime on site while maximizing operations’ profitability.

Founded as a family business in 1994, Unicast sells to distributors, process plants, and mine sites worldwide. Based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Unicast works across multiple continents in the mining, cement, oil, gas, aggregates, and coal industries.

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Engineering Team Lead

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Why Choose Unicast Wear Parts?

Measurable Improvements in Wear Life

We have countless examples of superior performance of our wear parts in the field. For example, customers who’ve switched to our proprietary abrasive rubber liners have seen a 4X increase in wear life (plus a 15% cost saving in mill efficiency). Others using Unicast blow bars deliver a 50% wear life improvement over traditional bars. Maintenance staff who were only getting 5 weeks out of their diverter valves laughed in disbelief when we said we could deliver 25 years or more. That was 4 years ago. There isn’t a spot of wear on the valve liner yet. Read our Case Studies for more examples

Timely Service

It’s our company mission to provide you with reliable, innovative choices. Our wear part solutions are inspired by day-to-day challenges expressed by guys like you in the field. You talk. We listen. You need design modifications to suit your specific application. Our engineers brainstorm, create and deliver.

Cost Effective

We are honored that you choose to do business with us, and promise to do our best to deliver high-quality products at the best prices. You can request volume discounts, join our corporate discount program, and enroll in our popular “Make and Hold Program” for guaranteed part supply and bulk shipping for greater cost savings. We are known for our quick shipping and, to many, we are the go-to-guys for urgently-needed replacement wear parts.

Old-time Family Values

Unicast started as a family business in 1994, and we’ve made it a priority to keep our values of open communication and teamwork over the years. Our engineers are readily available to discuss and brainstorm solutions to your toughest wear part challenges and, if needed, provide an on-site consultation. Our sales team are also a creative and experienced bunch. They’ve been to more mines and cement plants than you can shake a stick at, providing a valuable, solutions-providing resource for our customers.

Ways You Save with Unicast

Competitive Pricing

High quality wear parts at low prices. It sounds impossible to have both, but cast wear parts are both stronger and easier to manufacture than fabricated/welded alternatives.

Fast Deliveries

Immediate deliveries on stocked wear parts. Non-stock items, such as cooler parts, crusher parts, and grinding mill parts process and deliver within 16-18 weeks. Less waiting, more saving.

Rotating Stock of Select Wear Parts

A rotating stock of 36 valves plus grizzly panels, hammers, drag chain (subject to prior sale), and more ensures that your wear part is ready to be shipped when you need it. How does less than two weeks sound?

Cost Reduction by Design

Unicast wear parts are chock full of features designed to extend wear life, simplify routine maintenance with less downtime, and lower costs while maintaining product strength and reliability.

Reduced Installation Costs

On-site measurement for select wear parts provides perfect-fit design and alloy selection to suit your application.

Corporate Discounts

Contact us for corporate discounts. Let us sit down with you and discuss your wear part issues. Unicast replacement wear parts save money and time for better bottom lines. Call our head office or your local representative for a no-obligation consultation on how Unicast wear parts can dramatically cut your operations costs and maintenance time.

Volume Discounts

Buy more, spend less on product price and shipping costs.