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Cone Crusher

Unicast Cone Crusher Parts are designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs by extending wear life and minimizing downtime. We offer high quality replacement wear parts for Cone Crushers, including bowls, mantles, torch rings, distributor caps, and crusher backing.

Cone Crusher Bowls and Mantles

Proprietary Alloy for Durability and Toughness

Available in austenitic manganese steel alloy M2, M19, and M22, Unicast bowls and mantles are engineered for extended wear life resulting in decreased downtimes and increased cost savings.

Universal Fit

Fits all standard cone crushers.

Quick Deliveries

We carry a rotating stock of bowls and mantles for quick deliveries. Same-day shipping!

Torch Rings & Distributor Caps

Unicast jaw crusher distributor caps

Unique Design for Maximum Protection

Unicast distributor caps are extra-large and designed specifically to protect the torch rings and the mantle underneath from premature erosion.

Built-in protection for longest wear life.

Cast for heavy-duty applications.

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Why Choose Unicast Cone Crusher Wear Parts?

  • Proprietary alloys offer increased toughness and durability
  • Better fit for quick and easy replacement
  • Design improvements increase crusher efficiency and prevent premature erosion
  • Tested for longest usable wear life
  • Large inventory of crusher wear parts in stock for immediate deliveries
  • Less downtime for cost savings

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Order by Email

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