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Horizontal Shaft Impactor

Horizontal shaft impactor (HSI) crusher wear parts are designed for longest usable wear life for significant cost-savings. Unique design features combine with proprietary high-strength alloys for greatest reliability and better bottom lines.

Ask us how Unicast HSI crusher parts can increase the efficiency of your system:

Impactors/ Blow Bars: Cost-Saving Design Extends Wear Life

Blow Bars / Impactors

Blow Bars / Impactors

Unicast Blow Bars are the solution to industry-wide problems of short wear life and premature breakage found in traditional blow bar design:

Rotate for extended wear life:

Unicast upgraded the typical two-position bar to a three-position bar. This allows operations engineers to rotate the bar three times instead of two, resulting in a 50% increase in wearlife.

High-strength alloy lasts:

Cast in high-strength quench and tempered steel, Unicast blow bars are three times the strength of carbon steel alone. High impact strength and performance. Manganese and high chromium white iron are also available to suit your application.


Horizontal Shaft Impactor Wall Liners: Unbeatable Wear Life

Impactor Wall Liners

Impactor Wall Liners

Unicast Horizontal Shaft Impactor Wall Liners, Side Liners, and Apron Liners deliver outstanding wear life for significant savings in production and operations costs.

Cast in WR1 for maximum durability, Unicast Wall Liners outwear fabricated steel plate liners 4:1.

To further increase wear life, Unicast engineers balanced the wear by tapering the liner at the top and increasing the thickness in the high wear zone.

This proprietary design, impossible to recreate with fabricated steel, eliminates the high costs of short wear life, downtime, and labor found in traditional liners.


Why Choose Unicast HSI Wall Liners?

  • The versatility of the casting process allows for design improvements, such as reinforcement of the high wear zones for longest wear life.
  • High-strength WR1 alloy outlives fabricated steel in high impact environments.
  • Longer wear life of liners for less frequent liner replacement.
  • Less HSI Crusher downtime for significant cost savings.
  • Custom-fit and designed to suit your specific needs.
  • Guaranteed to fit.
A cement plant in Ottawa, Ontario, reports 4 times the wear life out of Unicast Wall Liners compared to previously installed fabricated steel plate liners.

Breaker Blocks: Cast to Last

Breaker Blocks

Breaker Blocks

Cast in manganese steel for improved wear life. Also available in TiC (Titanium Carbide).



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