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As Tough as TiC

When wear through high impact and high sliding combine, more traditional solutions are often unable to provide adequate wear protection. The introduction of titanium carbide (TiC) into the wear part has enabled cement plants to experience lower rates of wear and a host of other benefits.

Kelowna, BC (International Cement Review) March, 2015

Most high-impact applications in the mining and cement industries show that there is not only wear from impact but also high sliding wear.

Project undertaken at various North American cement plants show TiC hammers deliver significant wear life increases compared to traditional hammers.

Projects undertaken at various North American cement plants show TiC hammers deliver significant wear life increases compared to traditional hammers.

Traditional solutions tend to solve one problem or the other but not both. On the one hand, a high chrome weld on a cast manganese hammer performs well in high sliding situations, but high chrome can break under high impact. On the other hand, manganese thrives in high impact situations but quickly fails in high sliding applications if it does not have an opportunity to work-harden. Titanium carbide (TiC) inserts in a manganese alloy allow the manganese to work-harden before extensive wear occurs and, as such, solve the issue of wear due to both high sliding and high impact.

During the casting process, TiC columns are held vertically with a proprietary system in the sand mould. The columns are positioned for maximum surface coverage in the hammer’s high-wear zone. Manganese or wear alloy is poured into the mould and then the hammer undergoes a special hardening procedure. The TiC columns provide structural strength to the hammer while the manganese or wear alloy gives the hammer the flexibility to handle the impact. Both alloys work together to lengthen the overall wear life of the wear part.

Unicast Launches Two-Way Valve Featuring Inline Maintenance and Easy Direct Replacement for Cement Plants


Unicast, Inc, a recognized designer and distributor of cast wear parts for the cement, mining, and aggregates industries, launches its recent cost-cutting solution for the cement industry—the Unicast Two-Way Valve— a valve featuring inline maintenance and flexible installation.

Kelowna, BC (PRWEB) November 30, 2014

Unicast Two-Way ValveUnicast, Inc announces today the release of a two-way cement valve featuring inline maintenance and easy direct replacement. A large access panel on one side of the valve allows for inline maintenance of internal wear parts such as the gate and seat. Unique (optional) add-on flanges adapt the two-way valve to fit both standard SAE 150# and metric flanges for easy direct replacement and flexible installation. Designed specifically for the alternate feeding of two dry materials into one conveyance, the Unicast Two-Way Valve offers the cement industry a cost-cutting solution with unique wear improvements.

“A cement plant customer in Laramie, Wyoming approached us looking for a solution to replace a European competitor’s two-way valve,” says Steven Kirschner, Unicast Sales Manager. “We saw it as a great opportunity to engineer some improvements into the design of the valve in terms of wear life, part replacement, and usability. Our engineers took the standard inlet of the Unicast valve and built a new outlet section to fit the same bolt pattern as the competitor’s two-way valve. The customer was happy he didn’t have to modify the pipeline.”

Unicast’s latest innovation applies the company’s proven successes to a traditional two-way valve design. A large access panel made popular with the company’s most successful valve, the Convertible Modular Diverter Valve, allows for quick and easy inline maintenance.

Traditional valve repair requires its removal from the pipeline by crane. It also involves shutting down operations which can cost a plant thousands of dollars per hour in downtime. Often these valves have to be sent to designated repair shops offsite for servicing, requiring a plant to stock extra valves on site to keep the plant running.

“Cement plants are really looking at their budgets and trying to reduce costs,” says Kirschner. “Valve removal for simple maintenance is so costly for a cement plant, it has become an unnecessary waste of resources. Our main concern is to deliver a product that delivers maximum performance for the greatest length of time and saves on operations and maintenance costs with a sticker price lower than the competition.”

The Unicast Two-Way Valve features outlets lined with half-inch thick cast sleeves of proprietary formulation ceramic to maximize abrasion resistance.

“Our goal at Unicast is to have a two-way valve installed in the same position for 25 years,” says Kirschner, “and this is why we guarantee the ceramic liner outlets for 25 years.”

Unicast has had great success with its unique ceramic liners and continues to actively monitor its existing diverter valves in operation. The first diverter valve featuring ceramic liners installed eighteen years ago in a cement plant is still in operation and shows no signs of wear. Ceramic liners reduce wear in high abrasion areas such as elbows.

An additional (optional) feature of the Two -Way Valve is the specially-made flange converters. These add-ons easily adapt Unicast’s two-way valve to fit both SAE#150 and metric bolt patterns in existing pipeline systems making direct replacement easy.

“We’ve made this valve accessible to more cement plants by offering a two-way valve that you can bolt in place without any expensive piping changes,” says Kirschner. “The Unicast Two-Way Valve is a direct-replacement option we’d like cement plants to consider. Why remove a valve from the pipeline if you don’t have to?”

With its right or left hand setup, plants can reduce the amount of spare diverter valves that they have to stock. Precision ground high chrome seats and gates eliminate leakage. Unicast two-way diverter valves are available in the following configurations: manual, electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic.

With annual operations costs and budgets coming up for review, inline maintenance is a cost-cutting feature purchasing and plant managers need to consider.

To learn more about the Unicast Two-Way Valve visit http://www.unicast.ca.

About Unicast, Inc

Unicast designs and distributes quality cast replacement wear parts for the cement, mining, aggregate, and coal industries worldwide. We supply superior castings from chrome moly, manganese steels, heat and corrosion resistant stainless steels, high chrome white irons and low alloy steels.

Our core wear part solutions include diverter valves, apron feeder pans, grinding mill liners, hammers and blow bars, grizzly panels, and cooler grates. Our cast wear parts have been the reliable, hassle-free choice for maintenance engineers around the world since 1994. http://www.unicast.ca

Unicast, Inc Announces New General Manager


Unicast, Inc, a globally recognized designer and distributor of cast wear parts for the cement, mining, and aggregates industries, is pleased to announce the appointment of Maya Siriwardana as the company’s new General Manager.


Kelowna, BC (PRWEB) October 25, 2014

Maya Siriwardana is a mechanical engineer with over ten years experience in cement, steel furnace, and aluminum smelter plants. Having previously served as Training Advisor, Plant Engineer and Production Manager she brings extensive leadership experience to the Unicast team.

Siriwardana has a passion for team building, project management, and LEAN strategies. She will be responsible for driving the organization to its next level of growth as it continues to expand its existing business worldwide.

“I’m excited about this new challenge,” says Siriwardana. “There are unbelievable opportunities for growth and improvement awaiting us, in terms of products, new markets and within our own team. Working in a family business with such an ingenious team is refreshing.”

Unicast, Inc designs and distributes quality cast replacement wear parts such as diverter valves, tungsten-titanium carbide hammers and impactors, apron feeder pans, and ball mill liners and parts. With headquarters located in Kelowna, BC, Canada, the company has regional offices in the USA, the Philippines, Argentina, and Colombia. Visit http://www.unicast.ca.

Unicast Builds Concrete Houses to Mark 20th Anniversary

Unicast, Inc, a globally recognized designer and distributor of innovative wear parts for the cement, mining, and aggregate industries marks its 20th anniversary with the launch of Unicast Builds, a giveback program dedicated to the construction of concrete housing in the Philippines and Haiti. Unicast Builds sponsors the Canadian organization Chalice through fundraising efforts.


20th Anniversary Message

Unicast_20Years_Logo_2X2We would like to take this opportunity to thank the customers, employees, distributors, and partners who have worked to make the past 20 years of Unicast a success. We are extremely grateful for your continued support.

Our Mission

Unicast was incorporated in 1994 in Calgary, Alberta. After six years of growth, we expanded operations to our current location in Kelowna, BC to include a head office and plant.

Our mission has always been to design and develop reliable, innovative wear parts for the cement and mining industry that not only solve industry-wide problems but also deliver outstanding wear life and cut costs. Your day-to-day wear part challenges have inspired us over the years to create cost-cutting solutions that make your job easier and save your plant money.

Anniversary Launch: Unicast Builds

Unicast wear parts can be found in cement plants and mines around the world. Our experiences abroad have driven home the need for stable housing in the countries we serve. Concrete is the material of choice for stable housing that is able to withstand adverse weather conditions.

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we are working with the Canadian organization Chalice (www.chalice.ca) to fund the construction of concrete houses in Haiti and the Philippines. In partnering with Chalice, we strive to give back to the international community in which we are a part.

  • Until October 31, 2014, save 20% on Valve Spare Parts Kits for 20 weeks. We will match your savings with a 20% donation to the organization.

  • Until July 14, 2014, Unicast will donate 2% of all sales up to $20,000 to the organization.

We personally encourage you to submit your wear part orders before July 14, 2014. Know that 2% of your order will be donated to the organization to build concrete housing for people who are in severe need.

Also note that we are offering a 20% discount on Valve Spare Parts Kits for 20 weeks for a savings of up to $299. Contact Derek at 1-250-807-7999 or derek@unicast.ca.

We guarantee that 100% of your donation will go to this organization. (Chalice received an A+ grade in the top 100 charities of 2013, MoneySense. http://www.moneysense.ca/the-2013-charity-100-grades).

For more information on Unicast Builds and the building projects in Haiti and the Philippines, visit: www.unicast.ca/unicastbuilds.

We are honored that you choose Unicast as your quality wear parts supplier. We look forward to working alongside you for another 20 successful years.


Gerry L’Esperance


Unicast Expands Wear Parts Business into the Philippines


Kelowna firm cements relationships in Manila

Unicast confident that expanding its business to the Philippines will be worth the effort

Unicast employees assembling a convertible diverter valve.

Unicast employees in Kelowna work on the company’s most popular product — the convertible diverter valve, which is used in the cement industry. The valve is easy to install and durable.

Opening a new office in a developing country can be a frustrating and headache-inducing endeavour for Canadian companies wanting to expand their business beyond familiar borders, but Gerry L’Esperance’s experience in the Philippines has been relatively pain- free.

L’Esperance is president, founder and majority shareholder of Unicast Inc., a Kelowna-based company that designs and builds parts for the cement, mining, aggregates and coal industries.

The small company — it employs 16 people at its Kelowna plant — has been shipping its parts to hundreds of cement plants and mines worldwide since L’Esperance and two partners opened shop in Edmonton 20 years ago. L’Esperance relocated the company to Kelowna 14 years ago because “this is where I want to retire.”

The company already has sales offices in Quebec, the U. S. and Mexico. Now it wants a permanent presence in Asia to tap into the rapidly growing cement industry in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. L’Esperance is also looking at the region’s many quarries and mines as future potential customers.

In February, Unicast opened a sales office in Manila that will be staffed by two engineers whose main customers will be cement plant owners keen to reduce operation costs. Plants lose large amounts of money when they have to shut down because of worn or broken parts. A local sales rep and distribution centre can potentially save customers thousands of dollars per hour, according to L’Esperance.

Currently, B. C.’ s top exports to the Philippines are softwood lumber, agricultural products and metals ( copper ore and concentrates). The province’s total exports to the Philippines totalled just over $ 198 million in 2013, according to Statistics Canada, $ 30 million more than in 2012.

Machinery and equipment exports totalled just over $ 4 million in 2013.

Unicast is also planning to open a warehouse in the Philippines sometime in 2015 and stock it with its most popular item — the quick- to- install and durable convertible diverter valve — as well as crusher hammers used in the cement industry. The challenge, however, is to find out what is used in the market — most of Unicast’s products are custom-built and need to be pre- sold.

While some of Unicast’s products are made in China, the diverter valve is entirely produced in Kelowna. “International customers are thrilled with the wear life they are getting” with the valves, L’Esperance said, noting that the valve can be installed by one engineer in an hour.

A regional office in Asia allows Unicast to improve delivery times and offer multi-language support and consultation for regional customers, said L’Esperance, who’s been working in the foundry industry since the late 1960s.

Choosing the Philippines for its Asian base came naturally as Unicast has been selling limited products there through its partners for 10 years. It’s also centrally located with more than 40 cement plants in the trading area.

Though the World Bank ranks the Philippines 108th out of 183 countries for ease of doing business, L’Esperance says it’s been fairly smooth sailing for Unicast.

“Business registration has been simple and I don’t foresee any major obstacles in this area,” he noted. “And import taxes and processes are similar to Canada.”

L’Esperance travelled to Manila in early March to visit the company’s new sales office, scout out a possible location for a Unicast warehouse and meet with potential new customers in the cement and gold mine industry. The visit exceeded his expectations.

“It appears we are the only cast- wear parts supplier that can provide product application design and technical support in this area,” L’Esperance wrote in an email from Manila. “It normally takes a few meetings with an end user to obtain an opportunity to quote. This week we have received many requests with promises to try our products. I am very pleased with our progress in such a short time.”

Due to normal production lead times, it will take L’Esperance at least six more months to determine the direction of the company’s next phase in the Philippines, but he said there are many warehouse locations available.

At this point, he doesn’t want to estimate potential revenue from Unicast’s Manila office, but he’s feeling positive.

“It is too early to predict growth percentage, but I am very optimistic it will be worth our efforts,” he wrote before jetting off from Manila to China.

UniBall Three-Way Check Valve Offers Inline Maintenance

UniBall Ball Valve

UniBall Slurry Valve

The UniBall Three-Way Check Valve (Ball Valve) is Unicast’s recent cost-cutting solution for the mining industry. Designed for quick and easy inline maintenance, the UniBall is the first of its kind.

Traditional ball valves require removal from the pipeline in order to perform routine maintenance. This procedure involves shutting down operations,  using a crane to remove the valve, and often having to send the valve off-site for repair or maintenance. This is costly and time-consuming.

The Unicast UniBall Three-Way Check Valve is designed to cut the unnecessary costs of downtime and labor. The UniBall slurry valve is quick and easy to maintain.

Both sides of the valve housing feature a large access panel. Unbolt one of the panels, reach in and unbolt the removable seat. Replace the worn seat with a new one and re-bolt the door.

As you can see, maintenance is very easy. You don’t need a crane, and you don’t need more than one person.

Why spend time and money removing a valve from the pipeline when you don’t have to?

Read more about the UniBall Ball Valve and watch a video here.

Unicast customer reports TiC hammer delivered 4 times the wear life of competitor’s hammer

TiC Hammers ready to ship
TiC Hammers deliver up to 4 X the wear life!

The Unicast TiC hammers have been a remarkable success! A customer operating a 1550 Pennsylvania Hammer Mill in a cement plant (limestone) recently told us that he got 8 weeks out of the Unicast TiC M2 Hammers and suspension pins.

He initially came to us because he was only getting 2 weeks out of the competitor’s high chrome hammer before they broke and needed replacement. So, every two weeks he replaced the hammers and suspension pins at considerable cost (purchase and down-time).

With the Unicast TiC hammers delivering 8 weeks of wear life instead of 2, our customer is now getting 4 times the wear life. We helped him cut costs dramatically. How can we help you? Let’s chat.

More Titanium Carbide Wear Parts Case Studies here

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts in Stock

Jaw Crusher wear parts are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Please call if your items are not on this list, more stock items are available!

For more information about Unicast Jaw Crusher wear parts, see the page here.

Pioneer 1536:

Pioneer 1536
12% Manganese # in Stock
C01106-FIE Moving Jaw C01108-FIE Stationary Jaw 1 set in stock

Telsmith 1524:

Telsmith 1524
12% Manganese # in Stock
Stationary/Moving Combo Jaws FIE 2 sets in stock

Metso C125:

Please call if your items are not on this list, more stock items are available!

Pioneer 1536
12% Manganese # in Stock
4659-0642 Stationary Jaw 4659-0643 Moving Jaw Upper & Lower Cheek Plates One set in stock (two of each part)

Hammermill Wear Parts in Stock

The following hammermill wear parts are currently in stock. Stocked wear parts can be shipped immediately for the quickest door-to-door delivery times in the industry. Call us today to get started.

For more information on Unicast Hammermill wear parts, visit the page here.

Pennsylvania CD1950 Hammermill

Pennsylvania CD1950 Hammermill
# in Stock
B28333-28 Triple Shank Hammer 7 sets available

Pennsylvania CD1950 Hammermill: Side Liners, makes one full set

Side Liners, makes one full set
363847-16 Liner, Lower Frame Side
363848-16 Liner, Lower Frame Side
363849-16 Liner, Upper Frame Side
363850-16R Liner, Upper Frame Side
R13808-1 Liner, Frame Side
363852-16 Liner, Frame Side opposite
363106-16 Liner, Frame Filler Lower
363108-16 Liner, Frame Filler Upper

Pennsylvania 1550 Hammermill

Pennsylvania 1550 Hammermill
# in Stock
528072-28 Hammer (12% Manganese) 55 in stock
Chrome-Moly Steel with Hardsurfacing 21 in stock

FLS Clinker Hammers

FLS Clinker Hammers
# in Stock
111-20-5-6824-00 Clinker Hammer 12% Manganese with WTiC inserts 30 in stock
111-66-2-1726-00 Clinker Hammer 12% Manganese with WTiC inserts 40 in stock
111-78-3-1821-00 Clinker Hammer 12% Manganese with WTiC inserts 28 in stock


Cone Crusher Wear Parts in Stock

The following cone crusher wear parts are currently in stock. Stocked wear parts can be shipped immediately for the quickest door-to-door delivery times in the industry. Call us today to get started.

For more information on Unicast Cone Crusher wear parts, visit the page here.

45 El Jay/Cedarapids Standard:

45 El Jay/Cedarapids Standard
12% Manganese # in Stock
450-022-0004 Mantle 450-023-0010 Bowl 5 sets available
45D22Mod Stepped Mantle 450-023-0010 Bowl 4 sets available


45 El Jay/Cedarapids Standard
19% Manganese # in Stock
450-022-0004 Mantle 450-023-0010 Bowl 1 set available
45D22Mod Stepped Mantle 450-023-0010 Bowl 1 set available

54 El Jay/Cedarapids:


54 El Jay/Cedarapids Standard
12% Manganese Coarse # in Stock
540-022-003 Mantle 540-023-003 Coarse Bowl 1 set available


54 El Jay/Cedarapids Standard
12% Manganese Medium # in Stock
540-022-0003 Mantle 540-386-0010 Medium Bowl 1 set available


54 El Jay/Cedarapids Standard
19% Manganese Medium # in Stock
540-022-0003 Mantle 540-386-0010 Medium Bowl 3 sets available

Limited Quantity of Torch Rings and Mantle Caps also available.

Metso HP400 Short Head X-Fine:

Metso HP400 Short Head X-Fine
19% Manganese # in Stock
5530-8383 Mantle 5520-8387 Bowl 1 set available


Unicast Tungsten-Carbide Reinforced Hammers a Success

[singlepic id=189 w=160 h=120 float=right]A hammer built to outlast straight manganese hammers. Reinforced with a strategic arrangement of tungsten-carbide columns inserted into the hammer’s high impact zone, Unicast hammers are built to deliver outstanding wear life for significant cost savings.

After running them for six weeks, a customer in California loved them so much, they ordered ten sets! Read more >>

Single-handedly save your plant 5.1 million dollars in downtime in less than an afternoon . . .

[singlepic id=47 w=160 h=120 float=right]. . . without using a crane, breaking a sweat, or finishing the job without instant awe and respect. Our promise is huge. Our claim is almost unbelievable. But with $75,000 per hour being the average cost to shut down a plant (as many of you have you told us), every hour that is spent on routine maintenance is an excruciatingly painful blow to your budget.

Whether your valve is within arms reach of the ground (and only a day to maintain) or 200 feet up in the air (as much as a 3-day, 2-man job), we can confidently prove that our diverter valve can be maintained within 4 hours or less by one man without the use of a crane, hoist, or lift, no matter where it’s installed in the pipeline–faster and easier than maintaining the valve you have installed now. Read more about the Unicast Diverter Valve.


Are You Buying the Right Wear Parts for Your Application?

Off-the-shelf wear parts might not be best fit (and could actually cost you more in the long term in maintenance and replacement costs), but customized wear part solutions are engineered with a perfect-fit design and alloy selection to suit your wear part needs and budget.

Our engineers are readily available to discuss your specific wear part needs. They thrive on finding creative solutions to your wear part issues, while respecting your budgetary and time constraints. Unicast is known for innovative solutions-based wear parts that are reliable and easy to install.

Contact us today.

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