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Cooler Parts

Best Fit. Lowest Installation Costs.

Unicast Cooler Parts are designed for maximum wear life at a minimum cost in downtime and waste. Superior quality alloys combined with unique cost-saving features deliver significant benefits.


Clinker Breaker Hammers: Cast to Last

Made in a manganese steel with controlled carbon-manganese ratio for optimum high-temperature impact resistance, Unicast parts avoid the brittleness that can occur when the chrome content is too high.

The Unicast V–Mold process ensures a consistent weight that insures proper balance. These and other quality control standards provide our customers with parts they can depend on.

We maintain an inventory of various popular sizes and designs.

Clinker Breaker Rotors

Clinker Breaker Rotors: Precision Balanced

Extra Pin Holes for Repositioning:

Unicast clinker breaker rotors are precision balanced for optimum wear life. Our rotors are designed with an extra set of pin holes to allow for repositioning of the hammers when the holes wear.

Unicast clinker breaker rotors are designed to reduce replacement costs and downtime.

Contact us for more information.

Unicast Drag Chains

Drag Chains: Superior Strength and Abrasion Resistance

Unicast Drag Chains are the industry choice for a wide range of heavy-duty applications where superior strength and abrasion resistance are needed.

The Unicast casting process enables the design of wear protective features which offer these important benefits:

Unicast Proprietary Alloys for Different Applications:

  1. Work hardening alloy: Manganese steel with chrome for high impact applications and temperatures up to 250C. A reliable industry favorite tested and proven worldwide.
  2. High-strength quench and tempered steel: A unique blend of chromium, manganese, moly, and nickel with carbon steel that provides three times the strength of carbon steel alone. Designed for high temperature and abrasive applications. Hardened for wear resistance and high strength.

Chromium Carbide Overlay:

Extend chain wear life with hard surfacing of 55 to 60 Rockwell C hardness.

Scooped Wing/ Barrel Design:

Scooped wing/barrel design creates a dead bed to capture wear protective material. Longer wear life.

Splined keeper on Hardened Steel Pin:

Splined keeper on hardened steel pin retains the pins for the full life of the chain ensuring extended wear life and reliability.

Pin Head Protection:

Pin head protection prevents wear on the pin and keeper while positioning the pin in place.

Precision Casting:

Unicast chains are cast using high integrity molding methods producing consistent, solid chain links which offer exceptional dimensional control of the chain. The one-step casting method eliminates failure due to weld cracks and greatly reduces production costs—a savings reflected in Unicast prices.

Two-Piece Side Castings

Two-Piece Side Castings: Replace Half Wear Part Only

These two-piece side castings allow replacement of the worn surfaces in the hot zone with only minor disruption of the refractory, providing major labor savings when maintenance is required.

The base casting is produced in a low cost heat resistant iron and the wear plate is produced in stainless alloy S3.

This combination reduces the overall cost when compared to a one piece casting.

Contact a Unicast sales representative for more information.

Unicast Cooler Grates

Cooler Grates: No Grinding Required

Unicast Cooler Grates are available in a variety of styles: RFT, CFG, and flat panel grates. They deliver these significant benefits:

  • precision cast using high integrity molding methods producing an excellent surface finishing and absolute dimensional control.
  • A right fit every time, no machining or grinding required.
  • Alloys of S3 and S4 heat resistant steel ensure high heat strength from 900-2100 degrees F.

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