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Hammer Mill

Tough. Durable. Cost-Efficient

Unicast Hammer Mill Parts are designed to provide a dramatic increase in wear life resulting in significant cost savings. Hammermill parts include:

Personalized attention to your application needs provides these long-lasting benefits:

  • Dramatic increase in wear life
  • Cost reduction
  • Easier installation for convenience and time savings


Hammers: Dramatic Increase in Wear Life

hammer-01A recent Unicast innovation resulted in a wear life improvement of 350% on the hammers in a Penn 7620 hammer-mill from 26 weeks to 22 months. Download the article here.

Unicast offers design and wear life analysis with three common alloys for improved wear life: M2, M2 with tungsten carbide insert, and WR1 cast quench and tempered steel.

Optional chrome carbide overlay available for M2 and WR1 materials for extended wear life.

NEW: Titanium Carbide Reinforced Hammers

TiChammersUnicast hammers with titanium carbide inserts deliver outstanding durability and strength where it’s needed. Our successful hammer design has just gotten tougher with titanium carbide columns embedded within the hammer’s high impact zone.

What can the new TC Hammer do for you?

  1. Increased hammer wear life means fewer change-outs and more uptime.
  2. Decreased downtime reduces maintenance and operations costs.
  3. Unicast’s unique TC Hammer design integrates titanium carbide in the high-wear zone for maximum usable wear life.
  4. Hammer body is cast in durable manganese steel (M2) that gets harder the longer you work it.
  5. More consistent wear profile for uniform product output and increased efficiency.

Breaker Blocks: Cast to Last

breakerblockUnicast breaker blocks are cast in manganese steel for improved wear life.

Choose Unicast breaker blocks to replace your worn OEM breaker blocks for superior wear life and decreased costs.

Unicast Breaker Blocks are cast to last.

Cage Assemblies: Cast to Last

cageassemblyMono-block eliminates multiple cage bars.

Save time with a cast block of cage bars for quick and easy installation.

Wears longer. Saves time.

Unicast Cage Assemblies are cast to last.

Hammermill End Liners: Over 60% Cost Reduction

hammer-02Unicast end liners are cast to include welded supports and bolt protectors for longest wear life.

The casting process allows for the selection of WR3, a heavy-duty alloy with significantly greater wear life than fabricated steel plate. One-piece casting delivers over 60% cost reduction. Saves time and labor.

Additional hardsurfacing is added to the high exposure areas to balance overall wear.

Crusher Rotor Assemblies: Precision Balanced

crusherrotorOne-piece cast disks in wear-resistant WR3 for longer wear life.

Crusher rotor assemblies are precision balanced to eliminate vibration, a cause of excess bearing damage.

Longer Wear Life for better bottom lines.

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