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Kiln Parts

Unicast Kiln Parts are cost-saving innovations designed to decrease maintenance and installation costs. Using proprietary alloys for different applications, Unicast Kiln Parts are built to last.


Unicast Nose and Tail Ring Segments: Custom Made

Unicast Nose and Tail Ring segments are available as direct replacement parts or in custom configurations with refractory cavities and overlap design.

They are typically supplied in alloy S4 for extreme duty.




Two-Piece Kiln Feed Shelf: Two-Step Maintenance

  • Replaceable cast S4 alloy tip combined with a high chrome nickel alloy steel for the hot zone. Replace half only.
  • Significant savings in initial purchase cost.

Decreased Maintenance Costs

  • 50% less downtime. Much lower installation cost in the long run.
  • Significant savings in refractory.

Increased Wear Life

  • 200% more material on shelf tip edge.

Blaster Nozzles: Reliable

blaster2Unicast Blaster Nozzles are available in a variety of sizes at extremely competitive prices.

Cast from high-temperature stainless steel, Unicast blaster nozzles offer OEM quality and reliability at a fraction of the OEM price.

Contact a Unicast Representative for more information.


Burner Pipes

Unicast “EPC” foam moulding process allows casting very thin wall sections in heat resistant stainless steels.

Carbon steel bolting flanges are welded externally to allow connection to other ducting. This method is very economical for small quantities.


Preheater Tower Center Tube Segments

Unicast Preheater Tower center tube segments are test assembled at the plant to confirm fit and interchangeability.

They also available in a wide range of alloys to suite the application.


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