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Ceramic-Lined Pipes & Elbows

Maximum Durability for Wear Life Savings

Ceramic Liners Extend Wear Life: Pipes and elbows completely lined with a 1/2″-thick cast ABSC20 sleeve, increasing wear life by over 10 times compared to unlined pipes and elbows. Cast in one piece for maximum duraCeramic-Lined Pipebility, Unicast ceramic liners serve as an internal shield protecting pipes and elbows from high abrasion.

High-Wear Areas Protected: Designed to match standard pipe flanges for easy installation in high-wear areas of the pipeline only. Maximum long-term cost-savings in replacement parts and downtime.

Proven Worldwide Since 1994: Unicast ceramic liners have an expected wear life of at least 25 years. Since our first installation in 1994, we have never had to replace one. Cast one-piece ceramic liners are unique to Unicast.

Customized for any size.

Ceramic-Lined Pipes and Elbows + Ceramic-Lined Slurry Valve = Unlimited Configurations and Savings


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