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Convertible Modular Diverter Valves

Modular Valves for Easiest Inline Maintenance

Never again will valve maintenance be a massive blow to your operations budget when your plant is shut down for an entire day. Get in, switch out the wear parts, and you’re done. Get your plant up and running again within two hours. No crane, no hoist, no lift, no stress.splitmodularvalve

  1. Easy Access: A removable lever mechanism houses the shaft and bushings and allows easy access to high-wearing parts. The first of its kind.
  2. Easiest Inline Maintenance: Simply remove the lever mechanism, replace the gate or seat and put the module back on. Get your plant up and running within two hours. No crane. No hoist. No lift. It’s that simple.
  3. 50% Less Downtime: Remove and replace the gate and seat 50% faster than with our previous model. We’ve surpassed our previously set global standards to save your plant time and money.
  4. Easiest Right-Left Convertibility: The modular design and double access panels allow for easy left/right reconfiguration. Undo the module from one access panel and bolt it back on the opposite side. It’s a one-man job.Unicast Convertible Modular Valve
  5. Lighter Than Ever: The one-piece seamless casting provides a 33.2% reduction in weight (8”valve) compared with earlier models.
  6. New Slim Profile: Improved geometry makes the new CMV more compact for tight spaces.
  7. Additional Ceramic Liners: High wear areas are lined with three ½” thick cast ceramic liners. Expected wear life of 25 years.
  8. Tested and Proven Design Features: Includes the one-piece seat for a perfect seal and zero vertical shaft movement of the cast arm for reduced chance of corrosion and contamination featured in previous Unicast Diverter Valve models. Great has just gotten better.
  9. Features Unicast electric gear motors.

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