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Unicast Two-Way Valve

Inline Maintenance. Easy Direct ReplacementUnicast Two-Way Valve

The Unicast Two-Way Valve is designed specifically for the alternate feeding of two dry materials into one conveyance. The Unicast Two-Way Valve offers the cement industry a cost-cutting solution with unique wear improvements:

  1. Easy Direct Replacement: Replace popular two-way valves with the Unicast Two-Way Valve without modifying the pipeline.
  2. Optional add-on flanges adapt the two-way valve to fit both standard SAE 150# and metric flanges for easy direct replacement and flexible installation.
  3. Ceramic liners: Ceramic liners in the outlets are guaranteed for 25 years for maximum wear life.
  4. Right- and left-hand setup for maximum flexibility. Reduce the number of spare diverter valves in stock with an easy-to-convert Unicast Two-Way Valve.
  5. Precision ground high chrome seats and gates eliminate leakage.
  6. Unicast two-way diverter valves are available in the following configurations: manual, electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic.

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