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Ceramic-Lined Pipes and Elbows

Maximum Durability for Wear Life Savings

Ceramic Liners Extend Wear Life: Pipes and elbows completely lined with a 1/2″-thick cast ABSC20 sleeve, increasing wear life by over 10 times compared to unlined pipes and elbows. Cast in one piece for maximum durability, Unicast ceramic liners serve as an internal shield protecting pipes and elbows from high abrasion.

High-Wear Areas Protected: Designed to match standard pipe flanges for easy installation in high-wear areas of the pipeline only. Maximum long-term cost-savings in replacement parts and downtime.

Proven Worldwide Since 1994: Unicast ceramic liners have an expected wear life of at least 25 years. Since our first installation in 1994, we have never had to replace one. Cast one-piece ceramic liners are unique to Unicast.

Customized for any size.

Ceramic-Lined Pipes and Elbows + Ceramic-Lined Slurry Valve = Unlimited Configurations and Savings

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