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Ceramic-Lined Slurry Valves

[singlepic id=41 w=160 h=120 float=right]Completely Aligned for Increased Wear Life

The Ceramic-Lined Valve (CLV) is a recent Unicast innovation designed specifically for the transport of slurry. Industry-wide problems of leakage and short wear life are eliminated.

Here’s how:

Ceramic Liners Extend Wear Life: The valve body and outlet–the high wear zones–are lined with a 1″-thick cast ABSC20 shield for maximum durability. Inlets are lined with one-piece 1/2″-thick ceramic sleeves. Toughness where you need it for longest wear life. Unique to Unicast slurry valves.

Precision-Aligned Gate Eliminates Leakage: Precision alignment between the gate and seat for a perfect seal. Clean-cut transition of the gate between inlets eliminates leakage and damage.

Rubber-Coated Drive Arm: Rubber coating provides an abrasion-resistant shield ensuring longest wearlife.

Delta Wing for Control: Ensures exact positioning of the lever in manual configurations for maximum operator control. Adapts electric gear motor as well as hydraulic and pneumatic actuators– 1 multipurpose lever for 3 different configurations

Streamlined One-Piece Seat: Sandwiched between upper and lower housing with exact flange diameter to eliminate turbulence and cavitation of high abrasive conditions.

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