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Unicast Feeder Wear Parts for the aggregate and coal industries deliver superior wear life and cost-savings. These unique features make installation and maintenance easier and less time-consuming:

  • Casting eliminates the high labor cost and frequent weld cracks found in traditional fabricated wear parts.
  • Designed for easy installation for less downtime and hassle.
  • Work hardening alloy for longest wear life.
  • Recessed bolt holes for bolt protection.
  • Exact fit for smooth installation.
  • Tapered to reduce product build up.
  • … and more!

Apron Feeder Pans: Cast to NOT Crack

Apron Feeder PansSave in replacement costs and downtime with apron feeder pans that get stronger the harder you work them! Cast using a heavy duty alloy that work hardens under high-load conditions and impact for maximum wear life and reduced maintenance. Interchangeable with other proprietary pans for convenience.

Unicast Apron Feeder Pans are cast for exact fit and outstanding wear life:

One-Piece Precision Casting:

Cast using the V-Process molding technique creating accurate dimensions and a good surface finish. The one-piece casting method eliminates failure due to weld cracks—a common problem with traditional fabrication—ensuring greater durability and wear life.

Work Hardening Alloy:

Heavy-duty cast Austenitic Manganese Steel (M2)  for high impact resistance. This material work hardens under high-load conditions and impact.

Exact Fit:

The bolting surfaces are machined to ensure 100% contact when assembled to the drive chains.

Recessed-head bolt holes:

Recessed-head bolt holes protect bolt heads for longer wear life.


Heat-treated for Maximum Ductility

Tested before delivery:

Test-assembled at the factory to identify any fit problems long before material is installed on site.

Wobbler Feeders: Cast to Last

Wobbler BarsUnicast Wobbler Bars are cast in manganese for longest wear life and lower costs. One-piece casting. Cast to last.

Wobbler bars are customized to suit your specific application.

Contact a Unicast Representative for more information. Let us improve the efficiency and output of your system!

Vibrating Grizzly Bars: Tapered Bars to Reduce Product Buildup

Unicast Vibrating Grizzly Bars are uniquely designed for easy installation and longest wear life. Inspired by our clients and tested in the field, Unicast Vibrating Grizzly Bars are tapered to reduce product buildup and feature a rounded surface in high-wear areas for longer wear life.

  • Cast in M2 for significant savings (less labor, no weld cracks!)
  • Tapered design to reduce buildup
  • Rounded surface in high-wear areas for longest wear life
  • Easy to install
  • Single bars

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