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Unicast Offices

Contact Unicast (+1-250-807-7999)

Unicast provides wear part solutions to cement and mining related industries throughout the world. We are based in Canada and have regional offices in the United States, Argentina, Colombia, Latin America, and the Philippines.

Unicast CanadaUnicast CANADA: Head Office and Plant

1200 Mayfair Road
Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1X 7W7
Tel.: 250- 807-7999
Fax: 250- 807-7990
Web: www.unicast.ca


Gerry L’ Esperance

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 202
Cell: 1-250-863-7574


Devin Mintz, B.ADMIN.

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 209
Cell: 1-403-305-6543

Vice President Sales and Engineering:

Ron Birnie-Browne, P.ENG.

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 202
Cell: 1-403-860-0131

Business Development Manager:

Steve Kirschner

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 206
Cell: 1-250-717-6295

Sales Manager:

Derek L’Esperance

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 203
Cell: 1-250-317-0208

Technical Sales Representatives:

Dan Kowarski

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 205
Cell: 1-250-215-8039

Pedro Ramirez Gonzales

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 211
Cell: 1-250-307-7053

Larry Sullivan

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 212
Cell: 1-250-864-6077

Inside Sales Representative:

Cody Herron

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 214


Steve Scott

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 205

Bill Cheng

Direct: 1-250-807-7999

Purchasing Manager:

Alf Dueck

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 204

Unicast QuebecSales Office QUEBEC

3850 rue Ovila
Saint-Hubert, QC, Canada, J3Y 5L1
Tel.: 514-594-2934
Fax: 450-445-0036
Web: www.unicast.ca
Quebec Shipping Address:
c/o Les Enterprises CFF
6005 De la Savane Pl
Saint-Hubert, QC, Canada, J3Y 8Y9

Quebec Sales Representative:

Denis Frappier

Cell: 514-594-2934

Quebec Sales Engineer:

Richard Sweeney

Tel: 450-647-6005
Fax: 450-647-1950

Unicast USASales Office USA

South Eastern USA Sales Representative

Dan Kowarski

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 205
Cell: 1-250-215-8039

West Coast and Florida Sales Representative

Steve Kirschner

Direct: 1-250-807-7999 ext. 206
Cell: 1-250-717-6295

Unicast MexicoSales Office MEXICO

Web: www.unicastmexico.com

Pedro Ramirez Gonzales

Cell: 1-250-307-7053

Eng. Fernando Prátici

Cell: +52-1-222 133 9961

Unicast PhilippinesSales Office PHILIPPINES

Web: www.unicast.com.ph

General Sales Manager

Efren P. Ignacio

Tel: +63 09209898155

Technical Director

Barry Q. Quilon

Tel: +63 917 6335900


Order by Phone

Tel: 1-250-807-7999
Fax: 1-250-807-7990

Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30- 4:00 PST

Order by Email

Email: wearpartsolutions@unicast.ca

Our Address

Unicast, Inc
1200 Mayfair Road
Kelowna, BC
V1X 7W7