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Single-handedly save your plant 5.1 million dollars in downtime in less than an afternoon . . .

[singlepic id=47 w=160 h=120 float=right]. . . without using a crane, breaking a sweat, or finishing the job without instant awe and respect. Our promise is huge. Our claim is almost unbelievable. But with $75,000 per hour being the average cost to shut down a plant (as many of you have you told us), every hour that is spent on routine maintenance is an excruciatingly painful blow to your budget.

Whether your valve is within arms reach of the ground (and only a day to maintain) or 200 feet up in the air (as much as a 3-day, 2-man job), we can confidently prove that our diverter valve can be maintained within 4 hours or less by one man without the use of a crane, hoist, or lift, no matter where it’s installed in the pipeline–faster and easier than maintaining the valve you have installed now. Read more about the Unicast Diverter Valve.


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