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UniBall Converging Valve

The UniBall Converging Valve is a recent Unicast innovation designed for the transport of slurry.

What makes the UniBall unique are two easily removable access doors and removable seats for hassle-free inline maintenance.

In other words, you can perform regular maintenance on the UniBall Converging Valve without removing it from the pipeline. You do not need a crane, hoist, or lift. You do not need more than one person to do the job. And maintenance won’t cost your plant thousands of dollars in downtime.

Only the UniBall by Unicast offers hassle-free inline maintenance to save you money and time.

So how does the UniBall work?

Both sides of the UniBall ball valve feature a large access panel. With the valve inline, unbolt the door and remove it. Reach in and unbolt the seats. Remove and replace the seats. Replace the access panel door and re-bolt.

It’s easy, quick, and a one-man job.

And the UniBall is built to last.

The housing is cast in one-piece using the Unicast proprietary alloy D1 for durability.
Rubber coating on the housing, steel ball, and seats shield the valve and its parts from abrasive slurry.
Simple to operate. Simple to maintain.

  • One-piece cast housing in D1
  • Rubber coating on housing, ball, and seats = protective shield
  • Built for maximum abrasion resistance
  • Longest Wear Life
  • Simple to Operate
  • Simple to Maintain

“Use the same wrench to remove both the doors and seats!”

Stop wasting time and money with ball check valves that cannot be maintained inline.

Why remove the valve from the pipeline when you don’t have to?

Switch to the Unicast UniBall for quick and easy inline maintenance.
The Unicast UniBall Converging Valve. Another Unicast innovation designed to increase wear life and decrease costs. Talk to a Unicast representative today at 250-807-7999.

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