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SAG Mill Parts & Ball Mill Wearparts

Custom-Fit to Suit

Unicast SAG mill parts and Ball mill wearparts include liners from Feed Head to Discharge End, Head Liners, Partition Grates and Discharge Grates, and Shell Liners.

Unicast Grinding Mill and SAG Mill Parts are custom-fit to suit your specific application. Through discussion with you or on-site consultation, our engineers:

  • Custom-design wear parts to increase the efficiency of your mill
  • Deliver outstanding wear life with part design and alloy selection you can trust
  • Listen to your needs and find solutions that work for you
  • Aim for the quickest delivery times in the industry

Steel Mill Parts: Optimized Wear Life

Grinding Mill Wear PartsUnicast Grinding Mill Parts combined provide a complete system for optimized wear life of grinding mill parts with cost savings and minimum downtimes.

Here’s how:

Customized to Perform

Liners: From Feed Head to Discharge End, Unicast Custom-Made Liners optimize mill performance. Our engineers offer on-site measurement to provide a perfect-fit design and alloy selection to suit your application. Unicast is dedicated to providing high quality products at reduced overall installation and maintenance costs.

Optimum Fit

Grates: Our Head Liners, Partition and Discharge Grates are designed for efficient mill performance with reduced maintenance needs. Cast in martensitic chrome-moly steels with a 350 to 450 BHN hardness, Unicast Grates are cast for high strength and optimum fit.

Cast for Abrasion Resistance

Shell Liners: Unicast Shell Liners are cast in materials ranging from chrome-moly steels to high chrome white iron. A minimum hardness of 450 to over 650 BHN ensures maximum strength and a significantly longer wear life. We offer Shell Liners in single, multi-lift and classifying styles for efficient grinding performance.

Long Wear Life

Diaphragm Screens: Water-jet cut from AR400 plate for longest wear life. Custom-made for convenience. Short delivery times.


Abrasion-Resistant Rubber: Up to 4X the Wear Life of Steel

Rubber Mill LinersUnicast abrasion resistant rubber includes three proprietary rubber compositions with different strengths and hardnesses to suit all applications. Pressure-molded to ensure highest density. Customized to suit. Perfect-fit design engineered to improve your bottom lines.

Advantages of Unicast Rubber Liners

1. Longer Wear Life: Unicast Rubber Liners are pressure molded to ensure highest density and engineered for maximum abrasion resistance. Industry recognized as delivering 1.5 – 4 times the wearlife of steel liners.

2. Reduced Weight Lowers Costs: Rubber liners are 75 to 80% lighter than steel liners, increasing energy efficiency of the mill by 15%. Less stress on the mill for reduced maintenance.

3. Leakproof: Rubber liners are perfectly sealed to eliminate opportunity for slurry leakage and corrosion of the shell.

4. Easy to Install: Quick and easy installation of light-weight liners minimizes down times and improves safety.

5. Reduced Noise Levels: Reduce noise levels by 8-10dB. Environment friendly for safer working conditions.

6. Customized to Suit: Unicast Rubber Liners are customized to suit any application. On-site measurements and perfect-fit design engineered to improve your bottom lines.

7. Easy Inventory Control: Predictable wear life of rubber liners allow for advanced ordering and deliveries providing additional cost savings. Contact Unicast for more information.

Rubber/ Steel Combination Liners: Wear Parts Customized to Suit

Rubber Mill LinersA combination of steel liners and abrasion-resistant rubber liners to suit your specific application.

Contact a Unicast representative to discuss how Unicast steel or rubber liners (or a combination of both) can best suit your application for longest wear life and increased mill efficiency.

View the slideshows on this page for typical installations of Unicast liners.

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