Gyratory Crusher Wear Parts

Unicast gyratory crusher wear parts feature unique design improvements to extend wear life. A proprietary manganese steel alloy is selected to withstand the most abrasive environments. Unicast gyratory crusher wear parts also feature thicker manganese in high-wear areas for longest wear life and uptime. We offer high-quality replacement gyratory crusher wear parts, such as liners, mantles, spider caps, and spider arms.

Design Improvements Optimize Wear Life

  • Manganese steel alloy for the most abrasive environments
  • Custom-made to suit
  • Longest wear life

The Unicast Difference

Our engineers are committed to understanding your specific needs and refining a solution to help you. To us, that means direct communication with you to get a full understanding of your wear part needs and on-site consultation if necessary. We have a wide range of gyratory crusher wear part designs in our database to choose from and customize. Our goal is to help you get the longest wear life out of your wear parts, to save you costs in downtime, maintenance, initial purchase cost, and what we like to call “all-around-hassle-factor”. Call us today for a personalized consultation to discuss your wear parts needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Cast in manganese steel for maximum durability
  • Perfect-fit design for faster and easier replacement
  • Thicker manganese in high wear areas for longer wear life and less downtime
  • Personalized service by a team of experienced engineers


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