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Rotary Breaker Screen Plates

Inspired by hands-on, in-the-trenches frustrations with traditional fabricated breaker screen plates, lifters, and ploughs, Unicast Rotary Breaker wear parts are designed to work for you.

Problem: Traditional Fabricated Screen Plates are Destined to Crack and Warp

In order to bend, flame-cut, and drill the plate during fabrication, a low tensile strength steel must be used. This process results in a low abrasion resistant plate which is prone to cracking and warping.

Solution: Unicast Plates are Designed to Never Warp.

The casting process of Unicast Breaker Screen Plates allows for the selection of high-strength M2 alloy for longest wear life. Unique gussets on the back of the plate provide added strength and longevity.

Problem: Traditional Fabricated Screen Plates Trap Debris

Standard un-tapered holes trap material, reducing the efficiency of the rotary breaker and increasing maintenance.

Solution: Unicast Plates Have Self-Cleaning Holes

The casting process allows for tapering of the holes for self-cleaning.

Problem: Fabricated Screen Plates Overlap for More Work

Removal and replacement of one fabricated plate involves disturbing all surrounding plates and multiple bolts every time. Shifting and warping of surrounding screen plates makes reinstallation difficult. An unpredictable and costly strain on maintenance budgets..

Solution: Cast Plates are Independently Installed

Unicast Breaker Screen Plates are uniquely designed to butt together and bolt to the I-beam with one bolt row only. Each plate is installed independently of its neighbours, for easy removal and replacement of one plate only. Quick and easy, the way it should be.

Problem: Fabricated Screen Plates Require a Team to Maintain

With bolts that need to be anchored in one-by-one from the inside by one man, and nutted on the outside by another, bolt maintenance can start to take its toll on your bottom line. Not to mention safety issues at installation and all-around hassle-factor, these high maintenance bolts are a significant and often overlooked cost.

Solution: One Man Can Handle Cast Screen Plates

Just drop the countersunk plough bolt in and one man can effortlessly tighten the bolt on the back. No need to send a man in whenever the bolts need tightening. Easier. Safer. Less downtime. And less bolts to handle.

Features & Benefits

  • Unicast Rotary Breaker wear parts are a ground-breaking Unicast innovation designed to deliver real savings in wear life and maintenance costs.
  • Unique cost-saving, hassle-free design features guarantee quick and easy removal and replacement, while the high-strength alloy M2 delivers outstanding wear life.
  • Unicast Rotary Breaker Screen Plates eliminate common problems of cracking, warping, high maintenance costs, downtime, and costly man-hours compared with traditional fabricated breaker screen plates.
  • Combine Unicast Rotary Breaker Screen Plates with Cast Lifters and Ploughs for Maximum Wear Life


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