Ceramic-Lined Slurry Valves

The Ceramic-Lined Valve (CLV) is a Unicast innovation designed specifically for the transport of slurry. Industry-wide problems of leakage and short wear life are eliminated.

Ceramic Liners Extend Wear Life

The valve body and outlet–the high wear zones–are lined with a 1″-thick cast ABSC20 shield for maximum durability. Inlets are lined with one-piece 1/2″-thick ceramic sleeves. Toughness where you need it for longest wear life. Unique to Unicast slurry valves.

Precision-Aligned Gate Eliminates Leakage

Precision alignment between the gate and seat for a perfect seal. Clean-cut transition of the gate between inlets eliminates leakage and damage.

Rubber-Coated Drive Arm

Rubber coating provides an abrasion-resistant shield ensuring longest wear life.

Delta Wing for Control

Ensures exact positioning of the lever in manual configurations for maximum operator control. Adapts electric gear motor as well as hydraulic and pneumatic actuators– 1 multipurpose lever for 3 different configurations.

Streamlined One-Piece Seat

Sandwiched between upper and lower housing with exact flange diameter to eliminate turbulence and cavitation of high abrasive conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • High wear zones lined with 1″-thick cast ABSC20 ceramic shield for maximum durability
  • Precision aligned seals solve leakage issues
  • Adaptable for electric gear motor, hydraulic, and pneumatic actuators


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