Grizzly Panels


Unicast Honeycomb Grizzly Panels and Tapered Grizzly Panels are cast in one piece for extreme impact applications. Cast panels improve grizzly bar stability and eliminate the need to weld repair cracks caused by impact and vibration.

Honeycomb Grizzly Panels Advantages

  • One-Panel Piece - high-strength cast manganese panels are available for extreme impact applications
  • Self-Cleaning - tapered vertically to allow good material flow
  • Custom built - panels built in any size to suit your specific needs
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy assembly

Tapered Grizzly Panels Advantages

  • One-Panel Piece - one-panel piece cast in a Unicast proprietary martensitic alloy steel at 400 Brinell hardness outlasts traditional rolled carbon steel fabricated panels 2:1. Also available in heavy-duty 9 bar.
  • Self-Cleaning - Full length and height of the bars are tapered to provide optimum material flow and eliminate blockage
  • Modular Construction - Unique modular construction for easy replacement of 24” panels
  • Pre-drilled holes - Pre-drilled holes for easy assembly
  • Stock Item for quick delivery
  • Five-foot grizzly panels are always in stock for quick deliveries

Features & Benefits

  • Honeycomb Panels cast in high-strength manganese alloy are made to perform over the long haul with great features like self-cleaning tapered holes, and come pre-drilled for quick installation. Built any size.
  • Tapered Grizzly Panels (martensitic alloy steel or heavy-duty 9 bar) are cast in one modular piece for easy replacement of worn parts. Pre-drilled holes for quick installation.
  • Usually in-stock for quick delivery. Please contact us.


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