Unicast Announces Appointment of New President

May 23, 2022

Unicast is pleased to announce that Mark Watson has been appointed President of Unicast Inc. Mark is an experienced sales and operations leader. Through his 25-year career he has demonstrated the ability to drive both operational performance as well as domestic and international sales expansion. Mark has held senior leadership positions in several of the industries that Unicast services and he has a proven ability to establish and direct global expansion in regions that Unicast is targeting. Mark has also worked successfully in the past to develop and implement strategic plans and other process improvement initiatives that drive profitability.

We are very excited to have Mark join Unicast as its President. Unicast produces high-quality, differentiated products for companies across the world operating in industries with strong demand characteristics, and we believe that Mark’s capabilities will help propel Unicast into its next phase of growth and development.

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