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40 mm TiC Hammers Last 2.5 Times Longer Than Hammers Without TiC Inserts

Unicast’s innovative titanium carbide hammer inserts result in less frequent hammer replacements in Clinker Cooler and significant cost savings.


40 mm TiC hammers


Lehigh Inland Cement Edmonton, AB, Clinker Cooler


Improve wear life and avoid costly shutdowns of the kiln due to part replacement.


Replace M2 hammers with applied manual hard surfacing with 40mm TiC hammers.


Unicast’s 40mm TiC hammers outperformed the previous parts by more than
2.5 times.

Case Study QUote

Original hammers only last 11 months. We installed (TiC) hammers 2 years ago now, running for 20 months, and still going.

Supervisor Cement Plant,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


In one clinker cooler campaign at Lehigh Inland Cement’s production plant in Edmonton, AB, Unicast U2183 hammers in manganese (M2) with hard surfacing delivered a wear life of 11.5 months.


In order to avoid a costly and impromptu shutdown of the kiln during high season, Lehigh Inland Cement wanted hammers with a wear life of two campaigns instead of one.


Unicast promised double the wear life with 40mm Titanium Carbide (TiC) M2 hammers after testing a partial set in a prior campaign.

TiC inserts, like those in the hammers, increase a wear part’s structural strength and abrasion resistance, resulting in reduced breakage and a significantly longer wear life.


The new hammers were removed after two and a half campaigns, exceeding expectations by six months. M2 hammers with 40mm TiC inserts therefore outperformed the previous parts by more than 2.5 times.

Hammers needed to be replaced less frequently on the Lehigh Inland Cement plant, boosting the operation’s overall productivity.


Unicast 40 mm TiC hammers have more than 2.5 times the wear life of M2 hammers with applied manual hard surfacing.

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