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Grizzly Panel TiC Tips Deliver Staggering 89% Reduction in Parts Costs Over 10 Months

Unicast’s replaceable TiC tips bolt on to a grizzly panel’s high-wear zone and significantly mitigate wear on the grizzly panel body.


Replaceable TiC Tips


Limestone Quarry, Grizzly Panel


Mitigate downtime and decrease maintenance costs incurred by frequent grizzly panel replacements.


Removable titanium carbide (TiC) tips were bolted onto the high- wear zone of the grizzly panel.


Unicast’s TiC tips decreased part costs by 89% in 10 months.


At a limestone quarry in Utah, a grizzly panel would wear out in four to five months. At that point, a complete replacement would be required. New grizzly panels are expensive and their installation can cause downtime and significantly increase maintenance costs.


The customer wanted to cut maintenance costs by installing a longer-lasting grizzly panel.


Removable titanium carbide (TiC) tips were bolted onto the grizzly panel’s high-wear zone.

The TiC tips bolted onto the grizzly panel were replaceable, so the customer no longer needed to replace the entire grizzly panel when they wore out.

TiC inserts, like those in the tips, increase a wear part’s structural strength and abrasion resistance, resulting in reduced breakage and a significantly longer wear life.


The TiC tips on the grizzly panel saw around eight to 10 months of life, lasting two times longer than the previous grizzly panel. The grizzly panel itself saw virtually no wear.

In a 10-month period, the customer spent $2,943 on replaceable TiC tips, instead of $26,494 on two replacement grizzly panels.

In total, the customer saved $23,551 in parts alone.


Unicast removable grizzly panel TiC tips delivered an 89% reduction in parts costs alone.

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