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Grizzly Bar with 80 mm TiC Inserts Last 3.75 Times as Long as OEM Bar

Unicast’s tough titanium carbide-enforced grizzly bar results in impressive replacement cost savings.


Unicast grizzly bar (Mn19 with 80mm TiC inserts)


Gold and copper mine, grizzly bar located in the discharge area above the secondary crusher. Rock that was coming off the gyratory crusher was causing impact damage to the grizzly bars located in this area.


Extend the life of a grizzly bar experiencing heavy impact along with some abrasion to cut associated maintenance costs.


Titanium carbide (TiC) inserts were added to an HD grizzly bar to extend the bar’s wear life while keeping the important fit areas the same.


Unicast’s TiC inserts improved the grizzly bar wear life to 41 weeks, 3.75 times longer than the OEM part


At a copper and gold mine in Miami, Arizona, an OEM Grizzly Bar was experiencing aggressive wear and tear due to oversized rock and would only last 11 weeks at a time. It would require a full change-out each time. Not only are the bars expensive to replace — costing $2,500 per switch — but they can cause downtime, increase overall site maintenance costs and take up time that maintenance staff could be spending elsewhere.


The customer wanted to reduce its maintenance costs and downtime by installing longer-lasting grizzly bar.


Unicast added titanium carbide (TiC) inserts to an HD grizzly bar to extend the bar’s wear life and keep the important fit areas consistent. The inserts increase the wear part's resistance to heavy impact, thereby improving its wear life.


The Unicast TiC grizzly bar was installed on March 1, 2018 and replaced on December 19, 2018 — lasting an impressive 41 weeks.

The improvement saved the customer $34,000 in product costs alone in 2018. As well, not having to replace the grizzly bar an additional three times saved the customer $10,000 that year in labour costs.

The customer ordered another set of TiC inserts, and plans to keep a stock at its warehouse.


Unicast’s TiC grizzly bars lasted 3.75 times longer than the OEM bar, and saved the client $44,000 in parts and replacement costs in one year.

unicast logo TiC Grizzly Bar Arizona Grizzly Bar before After installing Unicast TiC Grizzly Bars Unicast TiC Grizzly Bars

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