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TiC inserts improve crusher blow bar wear life by over 100%

Unicast’s titanium carbide inserts more than double the lifespan of blow bars at a Mexican cement plant


Unicast blow bar with titanium carbide inserts


Limestone crushing, Cedar Rapids crusher


Double the lifespan of the blow bars in GCC’s limestone crusher, which were lasting only 34 days each.


Unicast fitted the crusher with blow bars that had been fabricated with titanium carbide (TiC) inserts.


Unicast more than doubled the wear life of the blow bars, to 71 days, which reduced the time and money GCC spent on replacing them.


In mid-2018, concrete manufacturer GCC Cemento SA de CV was having trouble with the blow bars on its Cedar Rapids crusher at its Chihuahua plant. The company was only getting a 34-day wear life from its blow bars, which were manufactured by a local supplier.


GCC wanted to at least double the wear life of its blow bars to reduce the significant amount of time and money it was spending on replacements.


To help GCC get a longer life out of its blow bars, Unicast fabricated blow bars with titanium carbide (TiC) inserts, which were designed with a strengthened high-wear zone to reduce breakage and maximize the bars’ usable wear life.


After Unicast installed the TiC blow bars, GCC saw a more than 100 percent increase in its wear life. In comparison to the original blow bars, Unicast’s lasted an impressive 71 days. As a result, GCC was able to reduce the time spent, replacing blow bars by half and cut its maintenance costs by around 30 percent


Unicasts blow bars with TiC inserts lasted 71 days, a more than 100 percent improvement on the 34-day wear life of blow bars produced by a local supplier. Unicast met and exceeded GCC’s goal and was able to save the company time and money.

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