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Titanium Carbide Wear Parts

Maximum Wear Life with Titanium Carbide

TiC hammers
Unicast wear parts with (TiC) inserts deliver outstanding durability. Here’s how:

Increased Wear Life: Unicast’s unique TiC hammer and blow bar design features a strengthened high-wear zone for maximum usable wear life and reduced breakage.

Strengthens as It Works:  Hammer body is cast in durable manganese steel (M19) that gets harder the longer you work it.

Consistent Wear:  More consistent wear profile for uniform product output and increased efficiency.

Titanium Carbides:  TiC inserts currently available are 20mm, 40mm, and 60mm depths.

Fewer Change-Outs:  Greater durability and longer wear life means fewer change-outs, more up-time, and lower maintenance costs.

The following wear parts are offered with Titanium Carbide (TiC) inserts:

Switch to Unicast TiC Hammers for Longer Wear Life: Here’s Proof

Case Study 1: Recycling Plant, 1213 Impactor Crusher (85% concrete, 15% asphalt)

Before: Competitor’s ceramic-embedded  blow bars shattered after crushing 11000 Tons.

After Switching to Unicast TiC: Unicast M19 TiC Blow Bars crushed 38000 Tons: 3.45 X Wearlife!

Case Study 2: Cement Plant, 341lb Universal/ Pettibone Hammers (limestone)

Before: Competitor’s M8 hammers delivered a wear life of 450-600 hours before replacement.

After Switching to Unicast TiC: Unicast TiC hammers with 40mm pins averaging 1000-1300 hours: up to 2.22 X wearlife! TiC hammers with 60mm pins projected wear life 1500 hours: up to 2.5 X wearlife!

Case Study 3: Cement Plant, 1550 Pennsylvania Hammer Mill (limestone)

Before: Competitor’s high chrome hammer lasted for 2 weeks before breaking.

After Switching to Unicast TiC: Unicast TiC M2 Hammers and suspension pins lasted 8 weeks: up to 4 X wearlife!


Request a Titanium Carbide Hammers and Blow Bars brochure (with case studies) here.

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